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Do many people adopt children?
Yes! There are over 1.5 million adopted children in the United States. From 1999-2011 alone, there were 233,934 children adopted from countries outside the U.S.. The number of domestic adoptions occurring each year is unknown due to difficulty of obtaining those statistics. We do know that in the last ten years, the number of families adopting in the United States has almost doubled.
What are typical time frames for adoption?
It is very hard to predict time frames for domestic adoptions. The average wait for a newborn varies depending on the race of the child and whether you are willing to adopt a child outside of the state. Currently most families get matched within 6-18 months, however, because the birthmother (and sometimes the birthfather) chooses the adoptive parent(s), some parents may wait only a few days and some may wait much longer.

For families with biological children already in the home, the wait increases due to the fact that many birthmothers select families who have no children in the home.

International adoption time frames depend on the country from which the family is adopting. Typically, adoptions occur in 6-18 months.
Are financial assistance programs available to help families adopt?

Yes! Very rarely do we ever have a family with the money for an adoption just sitting in the bank. In most cases, families use a combination of resources to finance an adoption. There is a federal adoption tax credit, employee adoption benefits, grants, adoption loans and home equity loans available for people needing assistance with financing an adoption.

Many of our families have a combined income of $50,000-$80,000. Don’t let the cost of adoption prohibit you from adopting. We can help you research your options. Check out our financial assistance page for details about these ways to finance an adoption.

Can we adopt a healthy child?
Yes, while many children coming home from living in an orphanage may be developmentally delayed, the children are typically in good overall health.

Adoptive families are amazed at the progress children make once they are in a stimulating environment with proper nutrition. Before prospective adoptive parents would ever accept a child to adopt, you will be given any known medical information concerning a child, pictures and possibly a video of the child.

Just remember, anytime you adopt or give birth to a child, there will be unknowns concerning the future health of that person.
Why should we choose Adoption Assistance, Inc. to help us with an adoption?
We offer you more than your typical adoption agency. We assist our clients every step of the way, from help choosing the type of adoption you would like, to completion of the necessary paperwork that will help ensure your adoption placement proceeds smoothly.

You will also receive the lowest overall fees in the state. There is no hidden expense for mileage or country specific document preparation.

We also will complete all home studies within 2-3 weeks after we meet with you and you provide us with the necessary documents.

Adoption Assistance, Inc has 100% customer satisfaction. In fact, our clients have been so pleased with our assistance, client referrals are our number one way of attracting new clients.
What is the difference between a domestic and international adoption?
Domestic adoptions are adoptions of children from within the United States. International adoptions are the adoption of children from countries other than the United States.

In most domestic adoptions a birthmother (and sometimes a birthfather) selects an adoptive parent or parents from an adoptive parent portfolio to adopt her child.

Some birthmothers want to meet the adoptive parents and have an on going relationship with them throughout the adoption journey. Other birthmothers want no contact with the adoptive parent(s) (a closed adoption). Domestic adoption is a competitive process. Some couples are chosen very quickly while others wait longer.

In most international adoptions, adoptive parents and orphaned children are matched through an adoption agency. The parental rights of the child have already been terminated and the child is deemed an orphan before ever being placed for adoption.

International adoptions are “closed adoptions”, meaning there is no contact with birthparents. International adoption is not a competitive process. Families are matched as children become available.
Why does it cost money to adopt a child?
Medical expenses, legal fees, orphanage donations, home study fees and well baby care are just a few of the many expenses involved in an adoption. Very rarely is a domestic adoption less expensive than an international adoption. The fees for each type of adoption are usually comparable.

Notes: It is illegal for birthparents to be paid money to place their child for adoption.

It is legal for adoptive parents to pay fees for the adoption process to occur.
If we adopt internationally do we have to travel?
Currently all countries require at least one parent to travel. Many times the travel is very short, other times it can be for several weeks.
How do we decide from which country to adopt?
Selecting a country is a personal decision. Most people consider the time frame it takes for the adoption to occur, whether travel is required, the age of the child coming home, the appearance of the children and the fees involved.

Our staff members will sit down with you, free of charge, and discuss your desires and possible countries you may want to consider.
How do we start the adoption process?

The first thing you need to do is talk with one of our staff members. We can discuss your dreams and help you formulate a plan. If you decide to adopt, we can give you a step by step plan outlining the entire adoption process. In the meantime, you can visit our Adoption Process page for more information.

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