2embryoAdoption Assistance has partnered with the National Embryo Donation Center (NEDC) in Knoxville, Tennessee to offer families an alternative method to birth a child. Adoption Assistance families can screen and adopt embryos previously created through an in vitro fertilization cycle. These embryos are then implanted into the adoptive mother at the NEDC clinic by their highly qualified NEDC medical staff. The NEDC’s overall pregnancy rate per transfer is 57% and its live-birth rate is 50%.

Additional information can be obtained concerning embryo adoption by visiting www.embryodonation.org

Embryo Adoption: The Step by Step Process

  1. Decide if embryo adoption is the best option for your family.
  2. Contact the National Embryo Donation Center and complete their application and preliminary forms
  3. Begin the home study process.
  4. Submit your Adoption Assistance application on line or mail/email/fax a hard copy to the Adoption Assistance office.
  5. Upon receipt of the application, Adoption Assistance will immediately email you a pdf file containing a checklist and the documents you need to begin the process. You will also be assigned a personal Adoption Worker who will call and introduce herself within 24/48 hours.
  6. Gather paperwork for your home study.
  7. Complete home study visits
  8. Submit the approved home study to the NEDC
  9. Participate in the NEDC consultation meeting and select the embryos you wish to adopt
  10. Follow the NEDC medical process and prepare for the embryo transfer.
  11. Travel to Knoxville, TN for the embryo transfer
  12. Prepare your life and home for your child as your children grows and develops
  13. Give birth to you new child (children)