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Are you considering choosing adoption?

Many women facing an unplanned pregnancy are unsure if they are ready to parent. Every woman’s situation is different and only you can know the right decision. Many women feel they are alone in this process and that shouldn’t be the case. At Adoption Assistance, we are here to answer your questions at any time!

Are you feeling uncertain about the future? Overwhelmed and alone? Worried about making the right choice?

Simply call or text (859) 583-2505 and a counselor will have a conversation with you. She is a counselor that has worked with birth mothers for many years and is happy to assist you as you make your decision. She can assist you in gaining confidence in whatever decision you make. She understands that you may not be 100% sure of which path is right for you. Her services are provided at no cost to you regardless of if you choose adoption or another path. If you choose adoption, your counselor will assist you throughout the adoption process and beyond.

Why women choose adoption

There are many reasons women choose adoption:

  • You want a stable family life for your child.

  • You are single and would have no relationship or support from the birth father and want a two-parent family for your child.

  • You are not financially stable, or have emotional issues or physical limitations that would make parenting difficult and life harder for your child.

  • You want to complete your education or have other life goals that would make parenting unfair to you and your child.

  • Your life is somewhat chaotic. You have had past issues with Child Protection Services or have lost custody of your other children and want to choose the family that will parent your child.

  • You have a drug or alcohol issue that would impair your ability to successfully parent.

  • You were informed by your medical doctor that your child will have physical limitations or developmental issues that you aren’t equipped to handle.

Your counselor will discuss all of these things with you and assist you in asking yourself some tough questions:

  • Do I have a job that will allow me to support my child?

  • Who are my support people? Can I really count on them?

  • How do I come to understand that I’m not “giving my child away” but choosing to parent in a different, loving way?

  • What are my goals and how will a child impact those goals? Is it selfish for me to think about my goals when I have a child coming into this world?

  • What sacrifices am I really willing to make if I choose to parent my child?

  • How will adoption affect me in the short term and how will it continue to impact my life?

Useful information

We assist with Newborn Adoptions, Infant Adoptions and Toddler Adoptions

We provide financial assistance prior to and following birth

We offer support, friendship and kindness throughout your adoption journey

People love working with us

Five years ago we were blessed to use Adoption Assistance in conjunction with American Adoptions to bring our son into our home. The social worker was so kind and attentive and helped to guide our adoption process. We are blessed to still see the way Adoption Assistance continues to work to bring families together.

Niki A.

Adoption Assistance is amazing and helped us complete our family in 2017. We were home study approved in January of 2017 and, through the awesome networking they do with agencies and adoption attorneys, we brought our little guy home in April of the same year! Julie is outstanding and very attentive and was there with us every step of the way

Adriane M.

There are no words to express the gratitude I have for Adoption Assistance. They are honest, hard working, detail oriented, and just simply a blessing. Lisa Mosley has worked and helped us from domestic situations to international processes. She is a joy to work with and her kindness and understanding are unmatched. Thank you Adoption Assistance!

Lauren H.

Adoption Assistance has helped us complete multiple adoptions. They are compassionate, kind, professional and caring. They take time to answer questions and provide insight and reassurance. We have nothing but great things to say about Adoption Assistance!

Beth A.
Building Families, Changing Lives
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