Birth Mothers

“My boyfriend and I were graduate students and we chose adoption. We were able to meet and get to know that family and continue our education. Through counseling, we came to understand we were not being selfish, but putting our baby first.”

“I had no idea who the father of my baby was. I felt ashamed and guilty and knew I couldn’t raise a baby without support. I am now proud that I chose adoption and realize that my baby was meant to be here and be raised by an awesome family.”

“My husband and I had four daughters and we placed our only son for adoption. I can’t say it was easy, but it was the right decision and we’re grateful every day for the counseling and support and the pictures and letters we get from the family. ”

“I am addicted to pain killers. I have lost custody of my three other kids because of my addiction. I knew this would happen with this baby, and I wanted to be able to hear about how he was doing and be able to pick my family. I was able to do that and I’m so much happier because of that.”

“No one in my family supported my adoption, especially because I am black and chose a white family. It would have been hard to continue if it hadn’t been for my counselor supporting me and that the people I chose made me feel good by saying they would teach my child about her culture.”

“I thought only teenagers placed their babies for adoption until I found myself pregnant at the age of 37 with two teenagers myself! We all had counseling throughout and I was happy when I put him in the parent’s arms. I just felt peaceful about it and seeing the joy on their faces is something I will never forget.”

Adoptive Parents

“After having a stillborn baby, my husband and I knew what it was like to leave the hospital empty handed. I felt so much love and compassion for our birth mother because we knew about loss. She actually put us at ease and told us she was happy to be able to fulfill our dreams! We are forever grateful.”

“Our birth mother chose not to meet us. We respect her decision to cope with the adoption in a way that was best for her. We will always let our child know that she loved him and we’ll celebrate his adoption every chance we get.”

“We got to know our birth mother very well. She actually invited us to some doctor visits and we got to go into the delivery room! We met her family and got to know them too. We continue to have contact with her through pictures, letters and an occasional phone call.”

“We have a biological child and our birth parents chose us because the father was an only child and he wanted to make sure their child had a sibling. We reassured our birth parents that we would love our adopted child beyond all measure and there is truly no difference in our hearts and minds.”

“We are the adoptive parents of a child of color. We celebrate his culture and our own heritage and traditions. Our church supports and celebrates adoption, so he has many playmates of various cultures and ethnicities. He is a well-rounded little guy!”

“As we sat with our daughter in the intensive care unit as she withdrew from the drugs our birth mother used, we weren’t angry at our birth mother, but in fact full of love and gratitude because like all of us, even though her choices weren’t always good ones, she chose adoption and changed all our lives. Every baby deserves love and compassion and every birth parent does too.”

“I had placed a baby for adoption when I was fifteen years old. Many years later, my husband and I discovered we were unable to conceive another biological child. When I met my birth mother I could clearly relate to her as I had been in the same position and didn’t regret my decision and was able to reassure her that she could ‘survive and thrive’ after adoption and that as I had trusted the adoptive parents to take good care of my adopted daughter, she could trust me. She did and we are the happy parents of a now two-year old son.”

“I was adopted into a wonderful family as a baby, so when I found myself pregnant unexpectedly, I was able to make an adoption plan without question, because I know the great life my parents have given me and my sister. I love the family I chose and I know in my heart that daughter will be just as happy.”