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Birthparent services

Adoption Assistance, Inc. is a non-profit, Kentucky & Tennessee licensed child placing agency. We are dedicated to assisting children find their forever families, birthparents in making an adoption plan and prospective adoptive parents build their family through adoption

Adoption Assistance has a 20+ year history of providing unparalleled service to our birthparents. If you are considering making an adoption plan for your child and need help, reach out to us 24/7 by phone or text at (502) 599-8177. You will be connected to an experienced licensed counselor who has worked with birth mothers for many years and is happy to walk this road with you as you determine what is best for your child and yourself. We are here for support and guidance and will always remember this is your child and this is your choice.

Choosing adoption

isn't always easy.

Parents who make an adoption plan love their child and would parent if circumstances were different. We at Adoption Assistance do not presume to know what is best for you or you child. We can promise we will listen to you, thoroughly discuss your different options, and help you decide what is truly right for you and your baby at this point in your life. Counseling is always confidential and provided in a location and manner that is comfortable for you.

If you decide that adoption is the best decision for you and your child, we will help every step of the way. You can choose your adoptive family, choose what type of communication you would like to have with the family and your child and receive financial assistance if needed. Choosing adoption is a selfless act of love and never easy, but can be the right decision for your child, and yourself.

We are happy to provide

the following services:

  • Ability to speak with someone at any time of day or night, which, is rare in most agencies.
  • Free counseling before and after the adoption.
  • No need to travel to our office. In most cases, your counselor will meet with you at a location of your choice.
  • Free legal assistance.
  • Ability to choose your family and the type of life you envision for your child.
  • Assistance with meeting and getting to know your family as you desire.
  • Financial assistance.
  • The benefit of our years of experience in all aspects of adoption.

Useful information

We assist with Newborn Adoptions, Infant Adoptions and Toddler Adoptions

We provide financial assistance prior to and following birth

We offer support, friendship and kindness throughout your adoption journey

People love working with us.

We are here to help

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