Will my child know about his/her adoption?

Yes. Your child will always know about you and that you loved and wanted the best for him/her.

What do children who were adopted think about being adopted?

In life, we meet all kinds of people and who are different and have various ways of looking at things. Adopted children are no different. Many say they are happy to tell others they are adopted, as their adoptive parents celebrated their adoption with from early on. Others may have questions they want answered about their birth parents, which is one reason we gain information about you that you want the parents to share with your child.

May I choose my family?

Yes. You’ll be shown profile books of families that have been approved as adoptive parents. Generally, you will decide how much contact you would like to have with them before and after the birth.

How do I know that the family will be good parents?

Our families are studied by specialists in the area of adoption. They undergo counseling, training, personal interviews, background checks, home inspections, and provide personal and financial references. Once your child is in their home, they have post-placement visits and Adoption Assistance’s staff is always available to them for any questions or concerns they may have as new parents.

Will my chosen family love my child as much as a biological child?

Not all families adopt due to infertility and even those who do has fertility issues have come to understand that biology doesn’t matter when it comes to loving a child and fulfilling a desire to parent.

Will I regret my decision at some time in my life?

As humans, we all have our days when we reflect and wonder “what if?” about various decisions we have made. Adoption is no different. The important thing to remember is that you made the best decision for your child and that while it may be painful for you at various times, you made the decision for good reasons and you put your child first even though you knew it would cause you to hurt.

What are the benefits of adoption?

Far more important than any financial assistance that you may receive for your pregnancy related expenses, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that your child is loved and well-cared for throughout his/her life by parents you have chosen. You will be relieved from the responsibility of providing care for a child that you are not prepared to parent.

Is it legal to place a baby for adoption?

Yes. You will be provided the services of an attorney free of charge who will guide you in the process.

Is my adoption confidential?

Yes. The court records are kept confidential, but you may allow your child access to information after his/her 21st birthday. This is up to you and not a requirement.

May I receive financial assistance?

Yes. In Kentucky, you may receive assistance with pregnancy related expenses, such as any medical costs, food, maternity clothing, rent and utilities that are not already covered and to ensure that you have safe and adequate living conditions and to ease your emotional stress. Your financial needs will be assessed and will be approved as is permitted by law.

What is an open adoption?

In an open adoption, there is some form of contact between you and the adoptive parents beyond meeting them and getting to know them before and directly after the birth. It may be pictures and updates or ongoing contact that you and the adoptive parents agree to over the long term.

Do I need to identify the father?

This will depend on your particular situation. The need to identify the father will depend on certain circumstances that your attorney will discuss with you.

May I see the baby after he/she is born? Can my relatives and friends see my baby?

Yes. You may see and spend time with your baby after your delivery. The amount of time you spend is up to you. You may have visitors with the child in your room as you permit and the hospital permit.

Will the adoptive parents come to the hospital?

That depends on your desire. Most birth mothers allow their chosen family to visit with them and/or the baby at the hospital to begin bonding with the baby.

Will my baby go home with my chosen family once he/she is discharged?

Yes. Your chosen family has been pre-approved to care for your baby from birth.