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Financial Aid

Financial Aid and Fee Schedule


Federal Adoption Tax Credit: This tax credit provides the adoptive parents with a $13,190 dollar for dollar credit per child for expenses paid to adopt. For incomes below $197,880 the entire credit can be taken. For incomes between $197,880-237,880 a partial credit can be taken.

State Adoption Tax Credit: Classified state employees are entitled to a State Adoption Employee Benefit allowing them to receive up to $3,000 per adoption.

Employer Adoption Assistance Benefit: Many employers have adoption expense programs available. Ask your employer about this benefit. A partial list can be found at

A Child Waits: A non-profit foundation offering 5 year low interest loans to families adopting internationally. One child loan amount $7,000, two children $10,000.

National Adoption Foundation: A revolving loan financing program is available for adoptive families. Call 203-791-3811 for an application.

Home Equity Loan: Interest is usually tax deductible.

MBNA: Gold Option Loans available for adoption. They are unsecured for up to $25,000. Call 1-888-500-6268

Nations Bank: Low interest loans for adoption 1-800-448-7061

First Union (D.C.): Low interest loans for adoption 1-888-314-5437

JVS Foundation: Offers grants amounting to $2,000 or more to families adopting. Call 1-877-905-2367

401K: Borrow against your 401K.

The National Adoption Loan Program: (

Wide Smile: (

Affording Adoptions: - a list of resources

Gift Money: Often family members will give loved ones adopting personal loans or a monetary gift to assist with adoption costs.

Shaohanna's Hope: grants to assist adoptive families

The ABBA Fund: No interest loans to Christian couples who are called by God to expand their family through adoption.

China Care: Grants to American families adoption special needs or older children from China

The Gift of Adoption Fund: Grants to qualified US citizens who have an approved home study. Average grants $2,000-$5,000.

I CARE: grants for adoption

Dave Thomas Foundation:

Military families: may receive up to $2,000 in financial assistance from the US Armed Forces.

Lifesong for Orphans: Offers matching grants and interest free loans

Chase Bank New Additions: or 1-866-345-7687

Fee Schedule

Domestic and International Services*

Initial Consultation No Charge
Application $50.00
Initial Domestic/International Home Study $1,500.00
Home Investigation (KY Independent adoption, includes
post report and court report)
Domestic/International Home Study for families who
have previously adopted
(original done by Adoption Assistance) $600.00
(original done elsewhere) $1,000.00
Update Domestic/International Home Study due to
Post - Placement (each) $150.00
Finalization (court) Report $50.00
Hague home study and Post adoption reports for a
China adoption
Call us for details

Domestic Child Placement Services*

If Adoption Assistance is working with a birthmother and you are chosen to adopt her child, our Program Assistance Fee is $5,000.

*Fees are non-refundable and payable upon completion of reports.